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“Sari Connection” the brand name for the products made through this initiative is essentially unique due to the nature of production. The networking involved in the production process – from donations of saris to creating designs to sales – is made up of women from different walks of life as well as geographical and ethnic backgrounds. Through working together and expanding this network, PARCIC envisions this initiative will be a bridge for peace and harmony among communities through economic, social and cultural cooperation.

PARC Interpeoples’ Cooperation

was established as a Tokyo based Japanese non-government organization in 1973. The mission of PARCIC is to extend direct support to people afflicted by violence or natural disasters and to help them achieve self-reliance.

PARCIC launched the ‘Recycle Sari Project’ in 2012 aiming to support women headed families in war-affected Northern Sri Lanka. The trained seamstresses in Jaffna and Mullaitivu, upcycle donated saris to create unique designs that are sold in Japan and Sri Lanka.

The proceeds are distributed back to the original seamstresses in the North to support their families.

For more information please visit PARCIC web site.

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